Apt develops and operates low-rise multifamily homes. We create tools and processes that standardize housing development end-to-end.

Rendering of the building viewed from the street

The sun is rising in East Hollywood, and a newly completed residential building casts its first morning shadow. Steam rises from behind one of the window panes, as quietly as the building was constructed, while a hummingbird seems to watch from outside.

Interior view of a kitchen

Each resident is welcomed by a shady, private entrance. By the unexpected weight of the door and the unusual texture of the handrail. By the firmness of the flooring and stability of the stairwells. By the quality of silence. By the funny nuances that become familiar over time. By the way the light fills the entire space every morning, or the way the same light pattern crawls across the wall between 4 and 6 PM every day.

Frontal view of an interior stair leading to the second floor

Our buildings are operated and maintained thoughtfully and responsibly. They are designed to last. We hope the bumps and cracks they will endure over time feel less like imperfections and instead evoke a history our residents are happy to be a part of. We’ll do our best to ensure this is the case.

Today, we’re inviting real estate investors to pave the way towards opening the doors to our first residents.

To our future residents, we can’t wait to meet you. We are as excited to see your new home as you are.

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